Retirement and death 1931-1947:

Feeling he was slowing down Jean Chassagne retired from racing at the end of 1930 age 49 after a long career racing with some of the finest teams and in 1931 he became the Representative of Castrol Oils for the Aircraft Industry; he also ran the Bentley Motors Sales & Servicing Department at Neuilly.

He was made Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur in 1935 in recognition of his achievements in motorsport.

After the Nazi occupation of France in 1939 Chassagne moved from his Paris home Maison Lafitte back to La Croisille -sur-Briance, Limoges his birthplace. He passed away age 65 on April 13 1947.

He was posthumously honoured – a square in Crewe was named after him in commemoration of his association with Bentley Motors racing; in Limoges, France there is the Rue de Chassagne and in La Croisille sur Briance the Chassagne stadium keeps his memory alive.