1922 Strasbourg Peage Right

1922 Introduction

Sunbeam Works Racing cars participated in the 1922 XVI Grand Prix de l’A.C.F. which took place in Strasbourg on July 15 1922. It was the first rolling start in the history of Grand Prix motor-racing and was run to the 2lt formula.

Three Ernest Henry designed team cars were constructed for the event and a similar fourth test car served as a test, practice and spare car until it’s engine was ruined by fire before the race.

During the race the engines in all three Sunbeam team cars failed and none finished. After the Grand Prix one of the Sunbeam cars was entered in a Brooklands race, which it won. All four cars were subsequently sold to privateers and entered in various events with varied levels of success.

All three team cars and the test/practice car survive as a rare example of a complete British Works team of the Vintage era; however, only two are original and genuine whereas the other two are authentic and resurrected.