1922 July 16 Strasbourg Race others- Duttlenheim Nazzaro's Fiat copy

1922 Strasbourg Grand Prix Other Competitors:
Eighteen European cars positions set by ballot as Follows:

Three Fiat 804 (Italy): 6 cylinder of 65mm x 100mm (1,991c.c.), twin o.h.c., Fiat carburetor; Scintilla magneto; giving 96 b.h.p. at 5,500 r.p.m. Wheelbase: 8’ 2.5”. Track: 3’11”. Unladen weight 1,489lbs. Maximum speed: 105-110m.p.h.

Four Bugatti Type 30 (France): standard modified chassis with 8 cylinder o.h.c. engine, bore and stroke: 60mm x 88mm (1,990c.c.), 3 valves per cylinder, 2 Zenith carburetors; Bosch magneto. Unladen weight: 1,624lbs. Wheelbase: 8’4.5”. Track: 3’11.25”. Maximum speed 98 m.p.h. Two-seater barrel body.

Three Ballot 2LS (France): 4 cylinder, bore and stroke: 69.9mm x 130mm (1,986c.c.); twin o.h.c., 4 valves per cylinder, Zenith carburetor, Scintilla Magnetos; giving 90b.h.p. at 5,000rpm. Wheelbase: 9’2”. Track: 4’3”. Unladen weight 1,848lbs. Maximum speed 100-105 m.p.h. Streamlined barrel-bodied.

Three Rolland Pilain A22 (France): 8 cylinder, bore and stroke: 59.2mm x 90mm (1,968c.c.); twin o.h.c., Zenith carburetor; Scintilla magneto, Wheelbase 8’2”. Track: front 3’11”, rear 3’7”. Dry weight: 1,624lb. Maximum speed 100mph. Hydraulic font brakes; positively closed valve system. Left hand drive.

Two Aston Martin GP (Britain): 4 cylinder, bore and stroke: 65mm x 112mm (1,486c.c.); twin o.h.c., 4 valves per cylinder; giving 54b.h.p. at 4,500r.p.m. Claudel Hobson carburetor; Bosch magneto. Wheelbase: 8’0”. Track: 4’3”. Unladen weight: 1,456lbs. Maximum speed 95m.p.h.

1922 Aston Martin GP line drawing Fred Ellis 1975 Technical Publications Ltd copy