1921 July Le Mans GP Segrave & Moriceau in Talbot 3L 8 cyl no 10

1921 Introduction

The 1921 S.T.D. ‘Works’ Grand Prix chassis built to the three-litre and minimum weight of 800 kilograms formula for that year’s Indianapolis 500 and French Grand Prix de l’A.C.F. These team cars were modified by the Works for the 1922 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, which was won by one of the cars . A few months later and with a 1916 4.9lt engines two of the T.T. cars competed in the Coppa Florio, Sicily and gained second and forth position.

The cars also participated in local events including Brooklands and hillclimbs . They are notable for obtaining the first significant international motor-racing success for Britain after the Great War and having “the best run of success by any Brooklands’ car in such a period”. Of the five constructed, four survive: one as a single seater, two as standard T.T. and one as a resurrected T.T.