French Navy and Submarines 1900-1905:

In 1900 November 29 Jean Chassagne joined the French Navy. He was trained as a mechanic and in 1901 worked at the Flotte Workshops as a mechanic and then in 1903 as a Torpedo Boat Mechanic (first in class) volunteered to serve on the ‘Montcalm’ for two years in defence of Saigon as well as sailing to America, Africa, China and Japan.

In 1905 he volunteered as a submariner and was stationed for ten months on three Submarines: first ‘l’Espadon’ a Sirène class, 157 tons with13 crew; then, le Gymonte which was the world first all electric submarine and finally on le Gustave-Zede which was the second submarine to be introduced to the French Navy. Submarines were very much at the forefront of naval marine technology at that time.