1922 Strasbourg rails KLG car 16 copy

Sunbeam III
‘The Brooklands Racer’
Chassis stamped No. 3 (NS) also stamped 4.22 to both dumbirons; both stamps in Sunbeam Works typeface.
Engine stamped No.3 with a further No.4 both in Sunbeam Works typeface.
A period dashboard plate stamped chassis and engine No.3 visible in 1930s photographs.
Registration – not currently registered

IMG_3816 copy

Sunbeam III – 1922 Strasbourg Grand Prix race no.16 for K L Guinness & Bill Perkins. It may have been HOD Segrave car for the 1922 Brooklands Essex M.C. Speed Championships. It was sold by the Works and in private hands continued to race at Brooklands 1926 and 1930 ; subsequently used for touring; tail modified in 1936. In few hands postwar before it was added in 1986 to the Evert Louwman National Dutch Motor Museum, Netherland and from there in 1994 to the Toyota Motor Museum, Japan where it remains a genuine example of the 1922 Strasbourg Sunbeams.

1933 Brooklands 500 mile race Eggar-Crickmay (car 3 later1938 owned by Tegryd Jones?) copy1922 Sunbeam Works
1922 Strasbourg GP Team car No.16 driven by K L Guinness (riding mechanic Bill Perkins). Retired 5th lap.
1922 Sunbeam Works Brooklands Essex M.C. Speed Championships HOD Segrave 1st
1926 J S Spencer
1926 Brooklands ‘Easter Private Competitors Handicap’. Won at 91.88mph from21sec mark, after lapping at 98.43; private entry J S Spencer supported by Bill Perkins of Sunbeam Works.
1930 K Kenward Eggar & Mervyn Crickmay
1930 Brooklands “ BRDC 500 Mile Race” No. 27. lost a big end or broken con-rod and DNF(K Kenward Eggar & Mervyn Crickmay).
1930 J. L. of Fort William, Inverness-shire, Scotland carried out works to car No. 3 registered RU-2497 (‘Autocar’ 1930 April 25)
1933 Lee Guinness Grand Prix car used regularly in Scotland (Motor Sport 1933 January)
1936 Tegryd Jones of Whetstone N20 registration no. CHX 882 “a solicitor …his wife…occupies the very narrow mechanics seat as passenger on long journeys” (Autocar 1941 June 13). Original tail modified and shortened.
1939 Lt K J Wallace serving in the Middle East but had not taken delivery of the car (Motor Sport December 1941).
1946 Terence P Breen of Whetstone, N20.
1960 Cameron Millar of Potters Bar who fitted and twin SUs and perhaps a new fuel tank
1960 Silverstone – twice (Cameron Millar)
1971 Silverstone STD Parade (Cameron Miller).
1986 Evert Louwman National Dutch Motor Museum, Netherland.
1994 Toyota Motor Museum, Japan.

1960 copy