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  • Sir Ralph Millias, Downgate Sandhurst, Kent. V-12 Sunbeam engine said to be from ‘Tiger’ with a 1932 design Thomson and Taylor chassis. Engine suffered blow-up in the 1957 Brighton Speed Trials and crankcase and other engine parts from the donor car were used to repair this car’s engine. Taken care of by John Merryfield. Won VSCC Segrave Trophy driven by J Burton for owner Sir Millias
  • Honorable Pat Lindsay
  • Neil Corner
  • 1987 T A (Bob) Roberts, Chairman of the Midland Motor Museum at Stanmore Hall, Bridgnorth, Shropshire as “little more than a pile of spares” (Peter Morrey) 1987 Shelsley Walsh hill climb. Compression 7.5, supercharger boost 11/12ths lbs, approx. 350 bhp (Bob Roberts)
  • 1990 Vijay Mallya, Sausolito California collection (via auction £1,000,000). The original crankcase bearing housing had hairline cracks; it was archived and a new crankcase was manufactured and fitted to the car under the direction of Keith Taylor. Timed at Elvington at over 150mph
  • 1993 measured at a local raceway – 413 bhp at 6000 rpm, 388 ft lbs (Malcolm Page, Vijay Mallya Collection)
  • Late 1990s Nurburgring by J Harper for the Mallya Collection. Ran into gravel, supercharger sucked gravel and engine seized. Sent to the UK for remedial work
  • 2002 Pebble Beach, USA. Engine was started; lubrication problem leading to extensive damage and a legal case against UK restoration firm responsible for the restoration in the late 1990s
  • 2007-2010 engine restoration by Phil Reilly, Corte Madera CA, including new Pistons, new fabricated welded steel cylinders, blocks cut and re-sleeved at a cost of over $100,000. 413 bhp, 388 ft lbs torque