In 1932 Malcolm Campbell had the two engines from ‘Tiger’ and ‘Tigress’ put in new Thomson & Taylor designed chassis with new mechanical components and new bodies. It is not known which of the new chassis was fitted with the engine from Tiger and which was fitted with the engine from Tigress. The activities listed may represent the activities of one or both chassis.


  • Sunbeam engine fitted in a new Thomson & Taylor designed chassis with new mechanical components (axle, suspension, gearbox, brake system, radiator) and new body by Gurney Nutting & Co.
  • May, Brooklands Whitsun Meeting entered. Rebuild was not completed and it did not participate
  • May 22, Avus Rennen Berlin, M Campbell, retired (oil scavenge pump). Larger fuel tank fitted
  • September 10, Brooklands BARC Mountain Championship, 18 miles, M Campbell, no.1, 1st (68.6mph, fastest lap 71.39mph)
  • September 17, Brighton Speed Trials, half mile,  M Campbell, ftd (23.6sec, 76.27mph)


  • Brooklands, International Trophy Race, M Campbell & C Staniland, no.1, retired after 80 laps when leading (supercharger drive failure)
  • Brooklands BARC Mountain Championship, M Campbell, retired (rear axle damaged in collision)


  • May 21, Brooklands Whitsun Meeting, Second Merrow Mountain Handicap, M Campbell, 2nd from scratch, new 5-litre Class lap record (76.31mph). Twin rear wheels


  • May 18, Shelsley Walsh Hill-Climb, M Campbell, 1st in class (5-litre) 44.4sec. Twin rear wheels
  • One of the two cars are sold by M Campbell to J Cobb
  • Brooklands Second Easter Long Handicap, J Cobb, 3rd from scratch (lapping at 131mph)
  • Brooklands Whitsun Meeting Gold Star Handicap 25mile, J Cobb, 2nd (lapping at 136.45mph)
  • Brooklands August Bank Holiday Meeting, J Cobb, 1st (average 125.6; ss 112.45; fastest lap 130.72)


  • September 18, Brooklands BRDC 500km Race, C Brackenbury & A Powys Lybbe for J Cobb, no.26, 4th, 2nd fastest finisher (120.2mph), 1st in Class C, lapped 132.8
  • J Cobb sold the car to C Mortimer