Chassis and engine no 1.

Both chassis and engine numbers were changed in the rebuild which followed D Resta fatal 1924 crash to chassis number 4/25 and engine number 4.

Registration DA8420



  • May 17, Aston Clinton Hill Climb, D Resta, 1st ftd (44.6sec) New Hill Record
  • May 31, South Harting Hill Climb, D Resta, 1st in class and overall, ftd (25.8sec)
  • August 04, French Grand Prix Lyon, D Resta (riding mechanic Hivernat) no.14, 9th
  • September 03, Brooklands International Class E Records, D Resta, 114.23-122.7mph (crashed due to tyre left rim; Resta killed, riding mechanic B Perkins injured)


  • July 26, French Grand Prix Montlhery, HOD Segrave, no.1, retired 31st lap (inlet valve)


  • September 04, Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, Earl of Cottenham, 2nd in class (55.4)


  • September 24, Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, W R (Bill) Perkins, no. 47, 2nd in class (57.2)



  • March 31, Southport 100 miles, Miss M Cunliffe
  • April 28, Southport MC Race Meeting, Miss M Cunliffe, 1st in class 1mile, 1st unlimited class 1mile, 1st unlimited class 10 miles
  • May 05, Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, Miss M Cunliffe, 3rd fastest time of day (51.2)
  • June 23, Southport Gold Vase 100 miles Race, M Cunliffe, crashed at 30 laps (60 miles) when 3rd; her riding mechanic father killed
  • Purchased by J Dunfee


  • April 01, Brooklands Easter Meeting 44th Lighting Long Handicap, J Dunfee, 1st (111.6) from 25sec
  • April 06, Brooklands International and British Class E (2-litre) Records, J Dunfee, 1km fs -10miles fs
  • May 20, Brooklands Whitsun Meeting Gold Vase Handicap, J Dunfee, 2nd from 7 sec
  • September 21, Brooklands Autumn Meeting Lighting Long Handicap, J Dunfee, 1st (109.63) from 18sec 1930
  • March 22, Brooklands Opening Meeting Surrey Long Handicap, J Dunfee, 2nd (lapped at 124.51)
  • June 09, Brooklands Whitsun Meeting Devon Lighting Short Handicap, J Dunfee, 3rd from 28sec
  • August 03, Montlhery World’s and International class E (2-litre) Record, J Dunfee & P Bamber, 200 miles (117.66) and a further records up to it
  • October 04, Brooklands BRDC 500-Mile Race, J Dunfee & C Dunfee, retired (half shaft)
  • Cylinders bored out to just over 2litre
  • November 25, Montlhery International Class D (3-litre) Records, J Dunfee & D Froy, several records form 5km -50km ((126.98-117.65)



  • Montlhery French Grand Prix, J Dunfee, retired – rear axle


  • Purchased by W Trevor McCalla, Ireland


  • May 19, Bray, Co Wicklow Ireland ‘Round the Houses’, W Trevor McCalla, 2nd (52.62)
  • June 30, Co Down Trophy Donagha dee Ireland, W Trevor McCalla, no.1,1st from scratch (67.14) Record lap 70.35
  • June 30, Leinster Trophy Handicap Ireland, W Trevor McCalla, 7th from 1min, 2nd fastest time for Race


  • Bray, Co Wicklow Ireland ‘Round the Houses’, W Trevor McCalla, 6th (52.36)


Ulster Folk and Transport Museum holds the original chassis with an incorrect body and stub axles. A correct¬†engine complete with a supercharger and gearbox was on loan from the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu but has been purchased by the Ulster museum with the aid of The National Lottery’.