Chassis no 2

Registration DA 8666 (temporarily CPB 439. original registration reinstated 1960)
Rolls Royce 20 engine and gearbox fitted 1934 Chassis, gearbox (ex J Merryfield), supercharger, axles, steering, c/w brakes and hubs, running gear, radiator, all correct Body to 1924 Spanish Grand Prix specifications by Keith Roach


  • August 04, French Grand Prix Lyon, HOD Segrave (riding mechanic Marocchi) no.1, fastest lap at 76.25mph, 5th (faulty magneto)
  • September 27, Spanish Grand Prix St Sebastian, HOD Segrave (riding mechanic Marocchi), no 14. , 1st


  • February 22, Montlhery, World Records & Class E Records, HOD Segrave & JGP Thomas & several record obtained up to 3 hours (102.74mph) and 500km (102.16mph) in icy conditions
  • July 26, French Grand Prix Montlhery, Count G Mastti, no.7, 3rd (68.2mph)
  • September 12, Southport, HOD Segrave, fastest car (22.2)
  • October 17, Blackpool Speed Trials, HOD Segrave, fastest time of day (67.79mph)


  • January 09, Southport, HOD Segrave, 1st in class and unlimited class for both 1mile and 10mile
  • March 28, Grand Premio di Rome, Count G Masetti, retired after leading 2 laps (engine)
  • September 04, Shelsley Walsh, C Paul, no. 46, 1st in class (50.6)



  • Purchased by Mr & Mrs Scott
  • June 21, Brooklands BARC Evening Meeting, Mrs W B Scott, 4th (lapping 12.68mph)
  • June 28, Brooklands Middlesex County MC 50 mile Handicap, Mrs W B Scott, 1st from scratch (110.43)
  • Named ‘Puppy’
  • July 01, Middlesex 50-mile Grand Prix Handicap, W B Scott, 4th
  • September 22 , Brooklands Autumn Meeting Ladies Handicap, Mrs W B Scott, 1st (104.77) from scratch (fastest lap 113.97)
  • September 29, Brooklands Essex MC 10 lap Handicap, Mrs W B Scott, 1st (114.23). Fastest race ever won by a lady. Fastest lap by a lady (120.88)


  • Purchased by E L Bouts
  • May 20, Brooklands Whitsun Meeting 35th 90mph Handicap, E L Bouts, 2nd (103.10) from scratch (lapped 117.19)


  • June 09, Brooklands Whitsun Meeting Devon Lighting Short Handicap, E L Bouts, 2nd from 32 sec
  • Brooklands August Meeting Mount Racing Handicap (10lap), E L Bouts


  • May 25, Brooklands Whitsun Meeting Somerset Senior Long Handicap, C Paul, 2nd from 19sec
  • June 27, Southport Sands 100-mile Race, E L Bouts, 3rd (1:26.29)
  • August 03, Brooklands August Meeting One Lap Sprint Handicap, C Paul, 3rd from scratch


  • May 16, Brooklands Whitsun Meeting Gold Star Handicap, E L Bouts, 2nd from 1min 3sec


  • Denis Jenkinson, Odiham Hampshire


  • Roger Howard