1926 (?) Brooklands Spencer no5

The failure of the cars had irreparable damage on their designer Ernest Henry’s reputation and career. Despite the mechanical weakness of it’s rear axle, the performance of the Fiat 804 convinced Louis Coatalen to use the design as inspiration for his winning series of Grand Prix cars between 1923 -1925. The 1922 Sunbeam engines which failed during the race were repaired, the advanced servo operated brake systems were removed and installed in the 1923 Grand Prix Sunbeams. The gear lever was repositioned to the centre of the cockpit. A few years later after a ‘cooling period’ the cars were sold into private hands. All three 1922 team cars as well as the fourth Test / Practice car survive today; a rare survival of a complete Grand Prix team of the vintage era; however, only two are original and genuine (Sunbeam II & III respectively) whereas the other two are authentic and resurrected (Test/ Practice, Sunbeam I respectively).