All aluminum body with various detail differences between the two cars as outlined.

  • 1926 ‘Ladybird’ / ‘Tiger’: absence of scuttle louvres, presence of perforations between the dumb-irons, large tail tapered louvres. During 1929 Tiger gained scuttle louvres similar to ‘Tigress’ and the tail section was replaced with a new tail section with smaller louvres. Liveried Sunbeam Dreadnought Grey for the Spanish Grand Prix, it was painted blue for the 1926 Gaillon Hill-Climb where it ran as a Talbot; remained blue until painted white for the 1929 BRDC 500. Liveried ‘Tiger’ 1928-1930
  • 1927 car / ’Tigress’: scuttle louvres, no perforations between the dumb-irons, no large tail tapered louvres. Painted green for 1927 Montlhery then white for the 1929 BRDC 500. Liveried ‘Tigress’ 1928-1930

In 1932 new two-seater body commissioned by new owner Malcolm Campbell and built by Gurney Nutting & Co.